Ivan Aivazovsky - The Bounding Waves, 1898

River Phoenix (23/08/1970 - 31/10/1993)

Jordan Tiberio. Kingston, NY. May 2013.

"Life On Mars?"by David Bowie



This is it. This is the Led Zeppelin poster I want.

George Condo (American, b. 1957), Double Seated Couple, 2006. Silkscreen ink on paper, 50 x 44 in.

riff raff and lil debbie

The American Pavillion designed by Buckminster Fuller at the grounds of Expo 67 in Montreal, damaged by fire in 1976.

I think that the amount of concentration — sometimes the amount of personal exploration — it takes to do something well, can be not pleasant … like hard work is. That doesn’t mean that you don’t want to do it, or that you don’t love it, or that it’s not ultimately satisfying. You know that old cliché; … nothing’s worth it unless it’s [a] hard to do kind of thing. I wear that on my sleeve sometimes when I’m working. … There’s always something about that job that’s exhausting, and that’s what’s exhausting about acting, is the level concentration over very long period of time.

If there’s something emotional about what you’re doing that day, you’re carrying that emotion on one level or another for a long period of time … it can be burdensome. But it’s part of the work, and you’re trying to create something artful out of it. And so, it’s not therapy. So, you’re not there to be in therapy; you’re there to take, you know, what you know and the experiences and behavior and emotional life of yourself and others and try to make something artful out of it. But the carrying of that around and the focusing of that can be, it can be tough.


Philip Seymour Hoffman, on exhausting work and acting as creating something artful out of human experiences, in conversation with Terry Gross (via marinamichelson)

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